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It is through our Travel Agency "PERU TRAVEL" that will show and will encourage you to seek new experiences in Peru and the best reward is the satisfaction of knowing other cultures, wildlife, landscapes, customs and people cheerful and friendly

Having a trip and enjoy it does not mean you have to pay too high for a trip that is why the prices we offer are competitive with the market of supply and demand. We give an unforgettable journey through a reasonable cost and according to your needs
Knowing the range of attractive places in Peru and this being the only country in South America that includes a variety of natural beauty, cultural and social designed to meet every need, people, economies and ages and sure to be chosen by our services
As a company dedicated to national and local tourism we demand the best for customer satisfaction and providing quality service and be aware and alert of all requirements, queries, etc. of our customers

On advance deposits

Outputs are guaranteed to different places

We are happy when people enjoy a different experience

Leading the Good Service and New Style of Travel

Deposits of money are used to book the services in the places to visit. If you cancel the trip if for some reason the money deposited for the journey ahead will be used to support poor rural communities in the area of Lares. Or the money deposited can happen to anyone you choose, to be used. Money deposits will be performed in advance of the travel date to book in advance and buy tickets for admission to various tourist destinations that demand is high season
The company guarantees the responsibility of the appropriate outputs to different tourist places for which you must choose a departure date certain for our company in charge of organizing your unforgettable trip to these beautiful places and so you can rest assured that your date travel and services will be provided by the company in a timely and responsible
The company allows people to enjoy a different experience to change their lives for the future such change will be good as an example that we know how to satisfy our customers professionally since they are our encouragement and motivation to excel and offer something new and their advice is taken into account and welcomed. If you do not have or do not want a different experience because you want to stagnate and not feel that is alive
The company as such, knowing that there are companies that provide services for less cost and that the client is at risk of being cheated by not relying on an organized tour company and innovation is required to service their clients to travel safely and are pleased with a new style of travel that may be equal in some respects but different in the quality of staff working for us, human quality that very few companies are

Always do the Right Things and Time

Because we are unique and innovative

Leaders in providing the best possible service to our prospective clients

Company responsible for the sustainable nature and sustainable

In our organization the key word for good service is all right and on time without delay that makes the difference between seeking a journey and a journey that will remember for a lifetime. For us, commitment to our customers is a challenge, a daily challenge that makes excel and be ready for new challenges and new changes
The company cares about providing something new and innovative that is not common to other companies. Competition is strong among companies but only stands that innovation and change its service according to customer requirements. Every innovation is a change and all change is good to have variety in service
Being a leader in service through Peru and Bolivia is a job that takes time and investment for some companies but for which we do not have that condition aim to provide quality service and be a leader of good customer service. The Most important theme for our company is to become leader offering to our customers organized and personalized service

The enterprise as a service provider is outside the ecological problem or global warming that is why our organization with the help of you, teach people from small towns to protect the environment we live in different activities that do not harm nature . Respect for nature is first because we depend of it.
So any money paid for a canceled trip and travel money is also used to prevent environmental pollution and ecological education to people for their beliefs do wrong activities damaging the ecology