Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines

They drew huge designs, representing geometric figures, animals, birds, plants that cover the desert

Maria Reiche

Maria Reiche

German mathematician famous for his research on the Nazca lines. It was called The Princess of the Pampa

Archaeological Map of the Lines of Nasca

Archaeological Map of the Lines of Nasca

Located in the southern part of Peru, mainly on a desert plateau between the valleys of Ingenio and Nazca

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In the Nazca region, scattered over 500 square kilometers of an arid plateau between the Nazca River and Ingenio River, exist huge representations of geometric patterns, animals, humans figures and thousands of perfectly straight lines that go on for kilometers. The images on the ground are so huge that the only way to fully observe them is from the sky. Its real purpose is unknown: nobody actually knows who made them or why. Flying over the Nazca dessert you can marvel at the perfect shape of a monkey, a spider, a whale, a lizzard and various types of birds, including humming birds, sea birds, and the mighty Andean Condor.

Description Tour:

Our staff will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the local airport, located just 4 kilometers from downtown. Upon arrival at the airport, we will see a video about he Nazca Lines. This interesting documentary lasts about 40 minutes and includes serious information about the Nazca Culture, as well as the figures we will see from the air. We board a small Cessna single-engine aircraft (Station air, Skyhawk or Skyline type), which has spacious room for 5 people, each person with a window seat. After the video, our English speaking pilot will give a briefing about this tour and also will give each participant a map of the archaeological zone which shows all the figures we will see from the air. After some basic information about the Lines and safety instructions, we board the airplane. In just two minutes we will be flying over the Nazca Lines and the first figure will be the whale. This beautiful marine deity is located on the eastern part of the archaeological complex and was drawn over a big rectangular figure (see Nazca Lines map). We will fly in circles over it. The next figure we will see is a triangle, which appears over a small hill featuring three points. On the other side are the famous trapezoids that, according to Erick von Daniken, were ancient runways for visitors from another planet. These trapezoids are about twp kilometers long and their perfection is stunning. Some kilometers further west is one of the strangest creatures on the Nazca desert "The Astronaut". Unlike the other drawings, the astronaut was etched on the slope of a small hill and not on the desert surface. His body is facing to the south and, according to Maria Reiche, does not represent an astronaut but a shaman or ancient Nazca priest, someone with magic powers who could predict the weather. The monkey figure is an enormous drawing that measures about 90 meters in length, and shows five fingers on one hand and on the other just four, symbolizing the 9 months of drought the Nazca people suffered every year. The monkey figure was discovered in 1954 by Maria Reiche and, according to her point of view, is associated with the big dipper constellation. The dog figure is a small drawing that according to some scholars represents a divinity worshipped by the Nazca people. One of the best preserved figures is "The hummingbird", a gorgeous design perfectly made on a dark plateau. According to Maria Reiche this figure is associated with the summer solstice, since one of the lines connected to its beak points towards the place where the sun rises every year during our summer solstice. Not very far from the hummingbird is the spider, a figure that according the local knowledge, represents fertility and water. This insect appears when it is going to rain or when the water from the mountins is about to arrive in the dry river beds. The huge condor figure features a straight line that crosses its wings and points towards the place where the sun sets every year on summer solstice. The next figure will be the flamingo, which is the longest figure on the desert, over 300 meters. According to Maria Reiche the beak of this bird points towards the place where the sun rises every year on winter solstice. Then we will fly over the parrot figure, a huge bird with about 230 meters in length. In addition to the parrot we will see several geometric designs and the beautiful valley of Ingenio. Finally we cross the Pan-American Highway, where we will see two figures: the hands and the Huarango tree. Looking carefully, we find, next to the tree, another figure representing a big lizzard. Unfortunately when the people built the highway in 1937, they had no idea that ancient figures were drawn there, so the ycut the lizard figure in two, destroying the central part of its body, leaving the tail on one side of the road and on the other side part of its back and its complete head with its two hands. We return to the airport and during the way back enjoy other straight lines that run for kilometers and a stunning panoramic view of the Nazca desert. End of the tour.

Tour Duration : 35 minutes
Daily Departures: From 07:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs


Our services include

  • Transporte Privado Pick up from your hotel in Nazca and Transfer to the Nazca airport
  • Guía Profesional Video film about the Nazca Lines
  • Boleto Turistico Classic flight over the Nazca Lines (Airplane for 5 participants)
  • Boleto Turistico Assistance by a local guide
  • Primeros Auxilios Drop off at your hotel at the end

Not Included

Not included in our tour

  • El almuerzo Airport taxes
  • Boleto Turistico Extras & gratuites
  • Boleto Turistico Accommodation in Nazca


  • On this tour you must bring light clothing, as the weather in Nazca used to be very hot, especially in summer time (from December to March) when temperatures can reach 40º C / 104 ºF.

Important Imformation

  • The airplanes used for this aerial tour are of highest standard available. All the planes are equipped with cloth seats and safety belts. All the planes have a capacity of 5 people plus pilot. Our Pilot will be able to speak to you through the intercom. Maneuvres like loops and rolls are not allowed. All flights are subject to weather and air traffic control. This tour is operated in English unless otherwise stated.
  • This tour departs from the Maria Reiche airport, located in Nazca. Daily departures available all year round.
  • This tour should be booked al least two weeks in advance during the months of July, August and September (high season).
  • We also offer especial flights over the Nazca and Palpa Lines with helicopters. For further information, please check the link below.

Additional information

  • All your personal information is required at the moment of your booking.
  • Confirmation of the excursion will be made at time of booking.
  • All tours are operated in English unless otherwise stated.

Travel voucher

  • For every confirmed booking you will be required to print your electronic voucher for presentation at the moment we start the excursion. The electronic voucher acts as a confirmation for all the services you request.

Local Operator Information

  • We will send you complete operator information, including phone numbers at your destination.
  • Our Managers select only the most experienced and reliable operators in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind.
NOTE: Please note that prices are indicated for a minimum of 4 persons.

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